Zhonghua Brilliance H230

  The new Brilliance H230 is positioned under the H530, and the price is relatively reasonable, mainly with a displacement of 1.5L.
  has a five-star collision standard. The new car has a length, width, and height of 4390/1703/1480mm and a wheelbase of 2570mm. It will be positioned in a slightly larger A0-class sedan.
  The car adopts electric power steering (EPS), the steering force is lighter at low speeds. As the vehicle speed increases, the steering force increases linearly. The overall feel is very good. There is almost no exaggeration on the steering wheel, and the directivity is also worthwhile. Certainly, the control is precise;
  Using the latest ABS+EBD system of the German Continental Company. The 0-100 km/h acceleration time of the China H230 is 12.62s, and the top speed is 188.8Km/h, which is enough to meet daily driving needs.
  In terms of safety configuration, H230 is equipped with door anti-collision steel beams, main and passenger seat airbags, and ABS+EBD braking system.