Dfsk C31 outline dimensions are 4730mm, 1655mm, 1910mm, cargo dimensions are 2260mm, 1540mm, 370mm, wheelbase 3050mm, equipped with SFG16C engine, maximum displacement of 1.6L, maximum power of 90kw, maximum torque of 158N-m, comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.7 L.
In terms of appearance, the Dfsk C31 uses two banner grilles. The middle part of the upper root is the logo of the car. The two sides are equipped with large-size headlights, like two bright big eyes. The single-row seat design makes the rear seat The cargo compartment has a large cargo space, the design of the whole vehicle is simple, and the proportions are very coordinated.
In terms of interior, the interior of Dfsk C31 is made of plastic materials.