Dfsk C35 is a derivative of Dfsk C37, a large-size micro-faced product. Microface is a minibus, it is not allowed to transport goods. So even if Dfsk C37 has more room, it can only attract people. Its brother, Dfsk C35, is different. It is positioned in a closed van, which can not only sit on people, but also pull goods in a fair way. There is a total of Dfsk C35 models on sale, but it can be divided into 2-seater version and 5-seater version according to the number of seats, all equipped with 1.4L gasoline engines.
  Manufacturer's guide price: 5.08-5.38 million
  Manufacturer: Dfsk
  level: micro face
  Fuel consumption: 7.1-7.3L
  Displacement: 1.5L
  model series
  2019 1.5L basic Ⅱ van National VI DK15
  2018 1.5L basic Ⅱ van China V DK15
  2013 1.4L basic van DK13-06