Dfsk K02L has a length and width of 2000mm x 1440mm and a DK12 engine with a maximum power of 67kW; a sleeve chain drive with high timing chain transmission efficiency and long service life; PDA controlled combustion technology to improve engine performance and a fuel consumption of only 6L per 100km, which is more fuel-efficient and economical.
Dfsk K02L has dimensions of 2000mm x 1440mm in length and width, using DK12 engine, maximum power 67kW; sleeve chain drive, timing chain transmission with high efficiency and long life; PDA controllable combustion technology improves engine performance, and fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 6L , Fuel-saving, more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.
Dfsk K02L uses 165R14 tires with a steel wheel rim, which also conforms to the usual style of micro trucks. The rear of the Dongfeng Xiaokang K02L has nothing to say, it is similar to the design of the same level of mini-truck.