Dfsk K05S model is a 1.0L practical model, with a guide price of 27,900 yuan. It is one of the lowest-priced models currently on sale. Compared with the competing Changan Star 3 1.0L, Wuling Zhiguang 1.2L, Jiabao V75 is lower by 2 thousand, 2900 and 0.1 thousand respectively.
  This is not a small portion for a micro-noodle whose price is less than 30,000.
  In terms of configuration, the standard ABS+EBD of the car reaches the mainstream level of the same-level models, and the front fog lights are also not available in these three models, and the performance is relatively good.
  However, the biggest feature of Dfsk K05S is that it adopts blind window design and has 2/5 seat layout options. In terms of logistics and distribution, the advantage of cargo space is more obvious, and there will be no "mixed passenger and cargo". upset. If you are looking for an affordable micro-noodle that can satisfy the city's distribution and transportation, you might consider Dfsk K05S.