Dongfeng Xiaokang K07S, no matter the space, power or carrying capacity, is better than the same class models. It can be described as the leader of the new economical microbus models.
  In terms of appearance, Dongfeng Xiaokang K07S adopts a brand-new family-style design. The two simple front air intake grilles and round and full headlights complement each other, making it more friendly and recognizable. Its door design adopts dual driving and co-piloting. The combination of door opening and side sliding doors also facilitates passengers to get on the bus from the middle row, which also improves the aesthetics to a certain extent.
  Dongfeng Xiaokang K07S is also the model with the largest space in its class. Its body dimensions are 4070mm×1560mm×1910mm. Using clever space layout, its maximum cargo volume can reach 4.14m³, plus the rear seats. It can be disassembled and can be used flexibly for manned and cargo, which is full of practicability.