LiFan X70

  The new car is positioned as a small SUV model with a body size of 4390/1820/1715mm in length, width and height, and a wheelbase of 2610mm. It is equipped with tires of 215/60 R17 and 225/55 R18, and offers a variety of wheel styling options.
  In terms of appearance, the new car adopts Lifan’s latest family-style design language. The hexagonal large-mouth intake grille and eye-opening headlights make the front face highly recognizable. The fog lamp area on both sides has a simple design, and the overall front face style is more eye-catching. From the side of the body, the B, C, and D pillars of the car are treated in black to create the visual effect of a suspended roof. The rear of the body has a simple design, and the bumper has a silver anti-scratch guard. The rear of the car looks very full when viewed from the rear.
  In the interior part, the new car uses an all-black interior, and the seats use leather and woven spliced ​​seats. In addition, the new car uses a multi-function steering wheel.