MG 3 sw

  MG 3SW's unique and pure British crossover hatchback style gives people a refreshing feeling compared to traditional hatchbacks.
  At the same time, MG 3SW perfectly embodies the unique balanced design concept of British cars in terms of car performance, making it the first choice for both internal and external hatchbacks.
  The biggest difference between MG 3SW and other competitors is that it follows the "CROSS four-quadrant theory", that is, the vehicle reaches a higher point value in the four quadrants composed of "handling, power, adaptability, and style." And balanced development.
  To welcome the new MG2011, MG 3SW has been discontinued.
  precise control
  MG 3SW's multi-level and precise control system brings unparalleled driving enjoyment. MG 3SW is equipped with a compact MacPherson independent front suspension, combined with a sub-frame and longitudinal thrust rods, with a more comprehensive structure.