Due to the integration of many of the best elements of past, present and future sports cars, MG TF has incredible performance and awesome features.

  The body of the TF is designed by the famous designer Peter Stevens, which makes MG TF exude a stylish atmosphere no matter in the garage, city streets or country roads.

  The front guide airflow provides excellent aerodynamic characteristics, more stable control, and also enhances the sports performance of the vehicle;

  The well-designed side air intake makes the appearance of the TF sports car more dynamic, while further cooling the engine;

  Exquisite The perfect combination of the rear spoiler and the hood enhances the car’s slender and sleek design style; the alloy tires reflect solid strength and superb quality;

  The roof is easy to fold and has a variety of beautiful colors and options. In winter, a hard top can be installed (optional)。 Therefore, this will be a sports car that you are proud of.