Nissan zd30

This year, Dongfeng Co., Ltd. strongly launched a new Dongfeng Kept K6-ZD30 car. One of the biggest highlights of this new car is the ZD30 diesel engine, which is equipped with Dongfeng’s treasure of the town. The ZD30 machine is original Japanese technology. As Nissan’s important global diesel engine platform, it has been launched globally and has exceeded one million installed capacity so far. Today, let's talk about this machine.

● From VIP car to hardcore off-road ZD30 creates countless brilliance

Before talking about how awesome the ZD30 diesel engine is, let's take a look at which models are equipped with this engine.

NO.1 Nissan Patrol

This car is also called Nissan Safari, which translates to the well-known Patrol Y61. I won’t say more about Patrol. The old enemy of the Land Cruiser, you can drive through no man’s land at will.

The Tula Y61 has been equipped with ZD30DDTi diesel engines since 1999 to replace the TD42-T (160PS@3600r/min, 350N.m@2000r/min) and RD28ETi (135PS@4000r/min) models inher