As the first mid-to-high-end car product mass-produced in China with pure British car design and technical genes, Roewe 750 inherits the British aristocratic temperament. The classic and extraordinary shape of Roewe 750 is derived from British royal blood, elegant and noble. Through the improvement of the prototype car Rover75, the wheelbase is increased to 2849mm, which is the largest in its class. Not only that, the cigar-shaped body gives the Roewe 750 perfect proportions. At the same time, the brand-new European S5-Solution vehicle design concept (that is, Safety, Speed, Energy and Environmental Saving, Internal Space and Sports) was demonstrated for the first time in China.
  The super long wheelbase of 2849mm gives the Roewe 750 an absolute advantage in the same class of cars, laying a solid chassis stability, its executive-level rear comfort space, wood grain style and chrome-free environmentally friendly EPS leather seats from Canada.