The new Roewe 950 adopts Roewe’s latest family-style design, and the more layered front is more textured than the old one. The wide-body spread-wing chrome-plated front grille is very high-end, and the matrix LED headlights are full of technology.
  configuration aspect
  All new cars come standard with 8-inch touch-sensitive capacitive screens, intelligent interconnection systems, matrix LED headlights, AQS air quality control self-circulation system, and ADB multi-road lighting adjustment system. In addition, automatic headlights, keyless entry, one-button start, 4-way adjustable leather steering wheel, driver 8-way electric seat, rear air conditioning outlet, multi-function refrigerated glove box, etc. will also be included as standard for the whole system. Equipped with. Among them, the intelligent interconnection system can have some personalized functions on the navigation side, and can control the independent lifting of the sunroof, air conditioner, and four-door window through voice.