ROEWE I6 max

  The Roewe i6 MAX is a new car from SAIC Roewe. The "i" in the model name stands for intelligence, which means that Roewe i6 MAX will continue to give full play to the advantages of Roewe in intelligent networking; "MAX" means "Make Attitude Xtreme", which means "excellent quality, born to the ultimate."
  In terms of appearance, the Roewe i6 MAX interprets the digital rhythm design concept for the first time on a car, and creates the Ronglin wingspan grille through parametric design. [4]
  Roewe i6 MAX adopts the Ronglin wingspan grille, and the Ronglin pattern unit inside the grille is designed by means of calculation. The headlights are connected to the grille. The daytime running light part is a simple T-shaped part, which is integrated with the penetrating trim strip inserted into the headlight; the position light part adopts a semi-thick wall luminous structure to achieve the same as the daytime running light.