SAIC Roewe's new compact SUV RX3 was officially launched. The new car is equipped with 1.6L/1.3T engines, and a total of 7 models have been launched, with a price range of 8.98-135.8 million yuan.
  The 2018 Roewe RX3 will launch a new model 18T flagship version, equipped with high-efficiency power technology, power fuel consumption surpasses the same level by 20%; and has the "3×3" exponential advantage: 12 safety functions EPB, main driver electric 6-way adjustment, The rear-view mirror is electrically foldable "3 large leapfrog first installations"; the smallest A-pillar obstacle angle, the largest panoramic sunroof opening area, and the largest trunk volume are "the best of the 3 largest in its class".
  SAIC Roewe RX3 18T flagship model was officially launched, the new car is priced at 123,800 yuan. The Roewe RX3 18T flagship version is equipped with SAIC’s world-class "blue core" high-efficiency powertrain. It uses the SGE 1.3TDI twin-jet turbocharged engine jointly developed by SAIC and GM. The third