Teach you a few ways to easily repair car paint

  We often ask questions about what to do when the car scratches the paint, so the editor collected and sorted out some information, sent it out through classification and modification, and also let us know the whole process of paint spraying, car paint repair methods and Simple maintenance knowledge. For the current pressure, Pentium t33 has its own way of coping. It can break the predicament through its product quality and bring a new life.



      一、About car paint

  Car paint is usually baking paint. In an automobile factory, after the frame and the shell are welded (sometimes manually repaired), the next process is painting.

  Generally speaking, the first (some high-end cars first use phosphating anti-corrosion technology) is the primer.

  The bare car shell is immersed in a syrup like a paint can, and the dried primer is taken out; then it is sent to the dust-free workshop, and the upper coating is sprayed through the electrostatic spraying process.


  and then dried at a temperature of about 200 degrees. In addition, we will apply another layer of varnish. In this way, the painting process is completed. There are several kinds of ordinary paints: ordinary paint; metallic paint; pearl paint.

  Needless to say, ordinary paints, resins, pigments and additives. There is more aluminum powder in metallic paint; so it looks very shiny when finished. For pearl paint, mica particles are added.

  Mica is a very thin thing, so the reflection is directional, and it has a colorful effect. If it is a metallic paint and a transparent paint layer, the paint of the car looks very bright and beautiful.

  In terms of color, white is the cheapest.

  For example, red pigments from world-class brands are 25 times more expensive than titanium dioxide from world-class brands, while the amount of titanium dioxide used in white paint is about 5 times that of red pigments.


  As a result, the cost of red paint is five times that of white paint.

  This is why some family cars have very few colors: simplicity and low cost.

  Regardless of the color of the paint, the paint will fade in the sun. In fact, not only paint, but anything with color will fade in the sun. At this time, it is very important to add additives to the paint.

  "For example, light stabilizers, antioxidants, etc." Unfortunately, good additives are very expensive. In many cases, the quality of additives determines the feel of the paint.

  People would definitely think that the gloss of a certain paint that starts to fade in two years is less than that in five years. But in fact, there is no paint that does not fade.


  Many times, the factory pays more attention to: uniform fading. Try not to produce color differences in different parts of the car

  When a new car arrives, the paint is most easily damaged. If the car is washed carelessly, the paint will be damaged. In fact, even when something is loaded on the production line, something will damage the paint.

  Usually, there are small scratches on the paint surface. The scar is white. That is a scratched paint surface. No touch up is required.

  Lighter, use sand wax or wax several times. It's so heavy but polished. Seriously, you can see the color of the lower primer (in many cases, the primer is dark)。

  Then, please check the scar again. Generally speaking, the bumpers, rearview mirrors and wheel eyebrows of some cars are made of engineering plastics. It will not rust.

  Apart from ugliness, there is no big problem. It doesn't matter whether the paint is repaired or not. For other (tortured) paint, the paint must be repaired. Otherwise, even minor damage will start to rust the steel plate. At that time, even if the paint was repaired, it was difficult to prevent embroidery.

  二、 About paint restoration

  1. First of all, in all places, even in the original factory, after the car is installed, the touch-up paint will not use any original factory paint!

  If the garage tells you that they are using original paint, it must be lying to you. The reason is simple: when it comes to the original painting process, we say that we have to bake at 200°C after painting.


  There are so many parts on the finished car, how many of them can withstand a temperature of 200 degrees? Do you just want to take apart the car shell? Special touch-up paint is used for touch-up paint. The baking temperature of touch-up paint is relatively low, 70 degrees and 80 degrees respectively.

  2. Secondly, the color of the refinish paint has been distributed before the repair. The reason is simple: your car may have been driving for several years and the paint has begun to fade, even though you can't see it.

  If you park your car outside, the degree of fading will be slightly different in different directions-sunlight. If you want to match the original color as much as possible, you can only make adjustments immediately.


  In addition, in order to avoid chromatic aberration as much as possible, even if you only need to touch up a small piece of paint, the factory will spray the whole piece of paint again.

  When the car is driving on the road, you will always encounter all kinds of scratches, collisions, and small scratches. Damage to the paint is inevitable. Damage to the paint will also affect the appearance of the vehicle. You will also love your car. What should I do if the paint is scratched?

  1. The sand or pebbles brought up by the tires hit the car body, or some passersby pass by the car and are scratched by the hard buttons and zippers on the body. It is just a slight scratch. No car body is seen. Metal, basically destroys the varnish layer, it will not affect the life of the car paint, but it will be a little unsightly when you look closely, so there is no need to touch up the paint, you can use our toothpaste at home to wipe the scratches , With the help of the fine particles in the toothpaste, the scratches of the car paint can be filled and ground away. Or polish it with coarse wax or wax it several times, and the scratches will gradually disappear.


  2. If the scratches are relatively large and long, the scratches on the paint surface have traces left by rubbing, and the color of the scratches differs from the color of the paint surface. This is considered a slight scratch damage.

  It is difficult to repair with toothpaste, and it is also difficult to repair the color of the scratches. The most important thing for minor scratch damage is to make up the color of the paint surface, which has a greater impact on the appearance.

  You can use a paint touch-up pen. Buy a paint with the same color as the car body. The price is not expensive. Apply the paint evenly to the damaged area. After the paint dries, wipe it with car wax. Once again, it can be disposed of.


  Paint touch-up pen is more convenient. It can repair the scratches with one application, but the disadvantage is that the scratches cannot be repaired smoothly. After the touch-up paint dries, it will appear pitted and very rough. It's not easy to see from a distance, but it's easy to see if you walk in half a meter. If you can't accept this effect, you can buy automatic hand spray paint, the price is similar to the touch-up pen, the effect is the same, and the spray is more even.

  3. Scratch wax is a kind of car wax that can repair car paint. The principle is that it can dissolve a little paint near the scratch, and then use the dissolved paint to repair the scratch. The effect is still very good. But the light effect is not good, and it is easy to wash off, which is not a long-term method.


  4. Slightly more advanced is the vehicle scratch repair agent, which uses nanotechnology to repair scratches, and the effect is very long-lasting. At the same time, it has a polishing effect to make the car more beautiful, and any color paint can be used. It belongs to the present More popular products. This product can not only repair the paint, if the lamp cover is too dirty and aging and yellowing, it can also be repaired by this product, and the effect is also good.

  5. Another special method is to apply nail polish. The purchase of nail polish is very important. You must choose the nail polish with the same color and date, otherwise it will produce other effects. You can often equip a small car on the car. If the car body has slight scratches on the nail polish, apply nail polish on it, so that you can reduce the damage to the outside world and better protect your car.


  6. If we want to protect the car paint from damage, we can choose the invisible car jacket. A layer of film is placed on the car paint. It is a polyurethane film that contains anti-UV polymer, anti-yellowing, and has super toughness and resistance. Abrasion, discoloration, and collision resistance. After the car is filmed, the car paint can be basically isolated from the air, acid rain, oxidation, scratch resistance, and play a long-lasting role in protecting the car's paint surface.

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