Do you know the secret of the windshield?

  Do you know the secret of the windshield? Each one is related to your car. In addition to windshield, do you know the following functions of our windshield?


  1. The first one, many people have installed ETC in the car, but they cannot recognize it when passing the toll station. This is because your ETC card is not installed in the correct position. This ETC card must be installed in the rearview mirror. In the rear area, the signal reception effect will be the strongest. In addition, we must not paste this area when we paste the film, otherwise it will affect the signal reception of ETC.


  2, the second one, when we buy a car, we must learn to read the vehicle ID number on the lower right corner of the front windshield. L stands for domestic cars, and the other letters stand for imported cars. Then the tenth digit of this number represents the production date of this car. If you buy a car this year, it should be M.

  3, the third one, check if there are small black dots on the edge of the windshield of your car. If not, then the car must not be washed after exposure to the sun, otherwise it will easily cause the front windshield to break.


  4. The fourth one, there is a horizontal line on the rear windshield. This line is an antenna in the car to receive signals, and it has another function to heat and defog the rear windshield. use. And don't put a film on this place, because putting a film on this place will cause bad signal in the car, and it will be very easy to foam after sticking.


  5, 5, each car front windshield will have a production date, it is in the lower left corner of the front windshield, you can see that the bottom number represents a year of production. If your number is 8, then your car was produced in 2019. Then he still has a few points.


  If your point is in the front, then subtract those points from 7; if your point is in the back, then subtract those points from 13. At this time you can see when your car glass was produced. There is also a little knowledge, that is, your co-pilot has a nameplate that will mark the date of production of your car. If the date of the front windshield of the car does not match the date of the nameplate, then the car may have changed the front windshield. Glass or accident.

  The windshield of the car is broken, should it be replaced or repaired? Where is the most cost-effective repair? Teach you the most reliable way


  How to deal with it correctly if the windshield of the car is damaged. Because the strength of the windshield of a car is generally very high, under normal circumstances, after the windshield of a car is impacted, it will not be completely broken like ordinary glass, but a hole or a crack will appear, and then gradually expand.

  The cracks can be repaired without changing the entire windshield. After all, you can repair the windshield for tens of dollars. If you change a windshield, it will cost a few hundred for the domestic one, especially for a more expensive car, like an imported windshield, which has more sensors. Tens of thousands are possible. So in the case of repair, try to choose repair first, of course, if there is insurance to pay, it does not matter.

  After the glass was injured, there was a small hole, no cracks. Small holes in the glass that are injured can be repaired. Just pick out the loose glass and pour glue into it to repair the holes. If there are cracks on the glass, short cracks like this are not particularly long, and they can also be repaired by grouting and filling the cracks. After the completion, basically no traces can be seen.

  After the windshield is injured, do not rush to repair it immediately. Brother Miao’s windshield was broken on the night of February 28, and it has been more than ten days since the glass was broken at that time. It was only discovered on March 3. At that time, the length of the glass crack was not long, and it was only here.

  After about ten days, the crack in the driver's seat reached the printing place.

  The crack on the side of the co-pilot's seat has reached here. Now the entire 90% of the area under the front windshield has been cracked. In this case, there is basically no repair value. After the front windshield is completely cracked, the strength will not work. If there is no film support, the strength of this kind of glass will be greatly reduced when running at high speeds, so it is of great concern to use it.


  After the windshield of the car is injured, do not rush to repair it, it will take a while. If the weather gets hotter and hotter, the front windshield will expand and contract, and the cracks in the glass may expand further. It is best to wait for the temperature to expand and contract, if the crack does not continue to expand, then repair the front windshield. Finally, if you have to change the glass, do not entangle whether the glass is the glass of the original car.

  At present, the glass of many domestic cars is basically made of Fuyao and Xinyi domestic glass.

  If you change the front windshield without going to a 4S shop, the price is not too expensive, but the glass that is changed in a special glass shop does not have the manufacturer's logo. For example, the front windshield of Brother Miao does not have a modern logo. But with the Fuyao logo, that's the difference. The glass is actually exactly the same, there is no essential difference, but the price can be reduced a lot.


  Finally, Brother Miao reminds everyone that if the glass needs to be replaced, it is best to take a picture with a mobile phone and leave a piece of evidence before changing the glass.

  If the car is to sell second-hand cars, many people will directly look at the production date on the glass. If your production date is very new, the buyer will doubt whether the front of the car has been hit or not, so that the buyer will not be suspicious.

  In the end, Brother Miao would like to give everyone a benefit, because many times the windshield breaks and breaks are caused when running at high speed. If you have a driving recorder, you can take pictures of the situation where other cars hit the stone and splashed against the windshield when you were running at a high speed. You can keep this record and make a call to the current high-speed highway. The bureau applied for a claim.

  Last year, a friend in Jiangsu sent it to me specially. This is the case for him, and the claim was successful. So if you encounter this kind of situation, you can try it, maybe if your claim is successful, you won't have to come to this injustice for nothing.

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