Dfsk K01H Minivan parameters

  Style name Dfsk K01h 1-0.9-MT rear drive 2.3m corrugated cargo box (National IV)


  Ex-factory time 2015 model year 201501

  Emission Standard Country IV

  Car body parameters

  Car body form Hatchback Length/Width/Height (mm) 3970/1560/1825

  Front/rear track (mm) 1310/1310 Front/rear overhang length (mm)

  Dfsk K01h Wheelbase (mm) 2515 Drag coefficient (cd)

  Curb weight (kg) 840 Maximum total weight (kg)


  Fuel tank capacity (l) 40

  Luggage compartment volume (l) Maximum luggage compartment volume (l)

  Number of doors (including rear doors) 2 Number of passengers (including driver) 2

  Approach angle (°) Departure angle (°)

  Engine parameters

  Engine important technology

  Engine description

  Engine model AF9-03 Engine manufacturer


  Liter power (kw/l) 34.99 Comprehensive fuel consumption (L/100km) 7

  Compression ratio Bore (mm)

  Stroke (mm) Cylinder head material

  Number of valves per cylinder Cylinder body material

  Maximum power (kw (ps)/rpm) 33 (45) Maximum torque (n.m/rpm) 67

  Fuel type label Unleaded gasoline 92# Fuel supply mode Multi-point EFI

  displacement (ml) 943 number of cylinders 4

  Engine placement direction Inline Engine placement position Mid-mounted

  Air intake method Natural air intake Cooling system Water cooling


  Chassis parameters

  Transmission type 5-speed manual gear shift mode ground row

  Drive mode Rear drive Steering system No power assist

  Front suspension MacPherson independent suspension Rear suspension Vertical leaf spring

  Front brake Disc type Rear brake Hub type

  Transmission name Vehicle platform

  Dfsk K01h Front tire specification 165/70 R14 Rear tire specification 165/70 R14

  Spare tire specifications Spare tire wheel hub material

  Front wheel hub material Rear wheel hub material

  Drive tire width (mm) 165 Drive tire aspect ratio (%) 70

  Drive tire load index Drive tire speed level

  Diameter of drive hub (inch) 14 1 1

  Driving parameters

  Maximum speed (km/h) 100 0-100km/h acceleration time (s)

  Maximum gradeability (%) Airbag

  Warranty period 2 years/50,000 kilometers 100km/h-0 braking distance (m)