dfsk 580 vs 560,Can the Glory 560 replicate the success of the Glory 580?

      For DFSK Glory, the success of the Glory 580 has undoubtedly strengthened its determination to enter the passenger car market. Therefore, it is natural to launch a Glory 560 after the Glory 580. So, what is this new car? kind? Is it just a copy of the 580?


  The difference between Glory 580 and Glory 560



First of all, in terms of styling, different from the atmosphere and stability of the Glory 580, the Glory 560 overall gives people a young and dynamic feeling. It has a variety of body colors and looks more fashionable. What impressed me was the sharp headlights and eagle eyes. Combination and design taillights.


  The interior of the Glory 560



The interior feels good in texture, especially the 7-inch floating display makes the car a lot of sense of technology. The Lin 0S 3.0 intelligent IoT system can be controlled by voice and physical buttons, and the response speed is very agile. Semantic recognition ability and ability are also very strong. It can easily realize online navigation, control music, query news information, etc.


   In addition, it can also be controlled remotely through the mobile phone APP, such as lock and unlock, remote car search, remote whistle and flashing are all no problem.


  The positioning of Glory 560



       DFSK Glory has clearly positioned the opponents of the Fengguang 560 as the Changan CS55 and Geely Vision SUV. The body size of 4515mm in length, 1815mm in width, 1735mm in height and 2690 wheelbase has certain advantages over the previous two cars. In addition to lagging behind in width, Lead opponents in other projects.


  2690mm wheelbase space also ensures that there is plenty of knee space in the back row, and the floor is almost flat, so it can meet the needs of three people in the back row when traveling for short distances. It is worth mentioning that the Glory 560 is available in 5-seater and 7-seater versions. We are testing a 7-seater model, but the 7-seater third row can only be better than nothing. It can be used for emergency situations. The main thing is to put it down to place items.


  The power of Glory 580 and Glory 560



   Same as the Glory 580, the Glory 560 adopts the golden power combination of 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and CVT gearbox. In the actual driving process, this set of power combinations can be described by Dove's advertisement-enjoy silky smoothness. From the perspective of power mix alone, the Fengguang 560 is a pursuit of comfort and fuel economy.


   Even if you abuse the throttle in the initial stage, the CVT gearbox will always turn it into a gentle action, which will give you the illusion whether the driving mode is adjusted to the economic mode. In fact, this is the uniqueness of the CVT, and the power output is extremely smooth. It does not have the annoying frustrations caused by frequent shifts like other automatic transmissions.



   However, the speed increase in the middle and rear stages is still a little bit close. I think one is the problem of engine tuning, and the other is that the CVT gearbox is protected to reduce fuel consumption. This feeling is like racing on a sponge-paved track, all rough movements are gently packed.


   But if you want to run faster, you might as well try its S mode. At this time, the speed will be maintained at about 2500-3000rpm, and the response speed of the throttle is relatively fast, which will really bring a little sporty improvement to the driver.


  The chassis of the Glory 560



  The Glory S560 chassis uses a combination of front Macpherson + rear torsion beam type, which is very common in compact SUVs. Before the official road test drive, the manufacturer held a field test drive session. The compact and not loose suspension makes continuous cornering at a faster speed in the field, and you can feel that the suspension's anti-roll ability is not very good. The speed increases slightly, the tires have not had time to fight, and the sensitive electronic system has taken the lead to intervene, some of which are designed to allow you to drive in a safe situation. 


       In most urban road conditions, the chassis of the Glory 560 shows high quality, calm and tough, and can provide a certain degree of comfort. In addition, it is equipped with electric speed-assisted power steering, which can be said to be suitable for all ages and is relatively easy to operate.



   As for whether the Glory 560 can replicate the success of the 580, it depends on what price he finally gives.