Dfsk K01l configuration, cheap sales from 25,900

  Recently, the editor learned from the Dfsk dealer in Chongqing that the Dfsk K01l is sold at a low price, starting at 25,900 and the color is optional. Interested friends can go to the store to inquire for a test drive.

  Maintenance cost: The regular maintenance cycle is to replace the oil and filter every 7,500 kilometers, and the cost is about 600 yuan. The cost of replacing the oil and three filters is around 800 yuan. 

      This maintenance fee is only for reference, because different maintenance materials will cause differences in maintenance costs. The specific cost is based on the different models of the vehicle, subject to the store accounting.

  Dfsk K01l latest offer, cheap sales starting from 25,900


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  Dfsk K01/K02 adopts the third-generation chassis design technology. The whole beam is the structure design of the main and auxiliary beams of Dongfeng heavy trucks. The thickness is 170mm, the width is 79.82mm, and the bearing capacity is even better. 

      In addition, the seven vertical and two horizontal reinforced chassis and thickened and widened leaf springs, as well as the reinforced drive shaft and rear axle design, are specially designed for loading conditions to ensure "installability, stability, and deformation." 

      At the same time, Dfsk K01/K02 also pays attention to safety protection, adopting all-round, multi-angle, strong safety body structure, as well as longitudinal protection steel beams, horizontal protection channel steel, and side thickened body, fully taking into account the safety demands of consumers , To escort the owner of every trip.

  Note: The price of the automobile market is changeable. The price information in the article is the real-time price collected by the editor on the market, and the current day shall prevail. 

      At the same time, this price is the individual behavior of the dealer, so the price in the article is for reference only. In addition, the pictures in the text are pictures of the model data, and the price information has nothing to do with the location where the pictures were taken.

  Product name Dfsk K01l configuration 1.2L 2.7m corrugated cargo box DK12-05

  manufacturer Dfsk

  level attribute pickup

  Engine DK12-051.2L 88 horsepower L4

  Gearbox 5-speed manual

  Driving mode

  Length/Width/Height (mm) 4435×1560×1825

  Wheelbase (mm) 2760

  Body structure, 2 trucks

  Maximum torque (Nm)/speed-

  Maximum power (kW)/speed 65/

  Comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 7.1L

  Minimum ground clearance (mm) 0

  Fuel tank capacity (L) -

  Luggage capacity (L) 40

  Curb weight (Kg) 880

  Warranty policy Two years or 50,000 kilometers