What are the benefits of installing a stabilizer link on a car

  Vehicles are sometimes limited by their own structure and suspension, and the stability and safety of the driving will inevitably be close. At this time, a stabilizer bar for stability is needed. For many car owners, it is just a non-stick. The eye-catching iron is due to the lack of understanding of it. After the stabilizer link is installed on the car, it can play an extremely important role.


  Now many performance cars have their stabilizer links, but for most low-end models, they need to be installed by themselves.

  When the left and right wheels of the vehicle pass the same convex road or pit, it will not have any effect, but when the level of the left and right wheels is different, it will cause the stabilizer link to twist, and produce anti-roll resistance to inhibit the body from rolling.

  That is to say, the suspension on both sides only works when the road is undulating or steering. Its existence is to increase the body's ability to withstand external forces and to improve the steering sensitivity and vehicle handling when the vehicle is turning.

  Some car owners said that it’s not enough to modify the springs and shock absorbers directly. What I want to say is that if the tilt of the body is completely suppressed by the springs, then the springs with higher hardness must be modified, and the damping coefficient must be modified. Higher shock absorbers to restrain the spring.

  If we add a stabilizer link to match the original car's shock absorption, not only can the tilt be reduced, but the original comfort and tracking can be retained.


  Therefore, the stabilizer link and spring can be said to be the best match to improve handling.

  The material selection of the stabilizer link is very particular, and it cannot be added randomly. It must be optimistic about the texture and workmanship. It requires lightweight but also needs to match the hardness and toughness of the body material. The higher the strength, the better.

  is not the more toughness the better, because the strength is too high, the body will be deformed over time, and the stabilizer link that is too soft will not play the role of improving the rigidity of the body.

  The material can choose the stabilizer link made of civil aviation aluminium, and there is also the stabilizer link made of aluminium-magnesium alloy, spring steel and other materials. Car owners should pay attention to the difference and choice when refitting the car.

  What is an active stabilizer link?

  An active stabilizer is a kind of tie rod installed in the chassis or engine compartment of a car, which can prevent the car from severely tilting when turning at high speed, thereby avoiding potential safety hazards and increasing the stability of the car during driving.

  The active balance lever can automatically adjust its range of motion to counteract the effect of the car’s roll.

  As of 2019, there are many stabilizer links for automobiles on the market, mainly including front wheel lower swing arm stabilizer links, directional toe stabilizer links, front-wheel suspension tower top stabilizer links, front bottom cross beam stabilizer links, and rear-wheel shock absorbers The stabilizer link on the top of the tower, the reinforced stabilizer link of the body and chassis, etc.

  To increase their driving stability, some performance cars will go to the modification shop to modify the chassis stabilizer link or the engine compartment stabilizer link, so that it can turn at a higher speed, which enhances the car's control pleasure.

  It should be noted that the stabilizer link must be refitted by a professional refitting shop. The dfsk glory 330 stabilizer link should also use brand-name and reliable products to prevent quality problems after the stabilizer link is modified and cause unnecessary trouble.


  Also, after modifying the stabilizer link, you must go to the vehicle management office for filing, otherwise, it will be more troublesome during the annual inspection, and sometimes you need to remove the stabilizer link to pass the annual inspection normally.

  Broadly speaking, the stabilizer link refers to a device installed laterally on special parts of a car, including a stabilizer link and a stabilizer bar. When the car is driving under special road conditions, the device can improve the rigidity of the chassis or body.

  The stabilizer link in the narrow sense does not include the original U-shaped stabilizer bar of the car body, and its main function is to prevent the vehicle from bending or tilting when it rolls over. Due to the different installation positions of the stabilizer link, it is divided into front and rear top bars and front and rear bottom bars.

  The role of "stabilizer link"

  The biggest difference between the existence of a stabilizer link or not lies in two aspects: handling performance and driving performance.

  Because the data of each shock absorber of the body cannot reach 100%, the vehicle is prone to one-sided difficulty when driving off-road and over-curving at high speed.

  The increase of the stabilizer link will also restrain the left and right suspension, achieve the maximum force balance, thus greatly improving the controllability. Under its action, extreme speed off-road or extreme speed vehicles will have more stable and stable performance.

  What are the disadvantages of installing a "stabilizer link"

  First of all, as mentioned above, the stabilizer link will play its best role only in extreme off-road or extreme driving conditions. The stabilizer link for the daily use of cars will not play a significant role, and even negatively affect the controllability.

  Secondly, the quality of the stabilizer bars sold independently is uneven, and even one stabilizer bar is suitable for many cars. It is necessary to know that the length and diameter of the stabilizer link are directly related to the strength of the body and the toughness of the chassis.

  For example, if the stabilizer link does not match the body, if the weight is light, the shock-absorbing life will be lost, and if the weight is heavy, the body will be deformed.

  Precautions for installing "stabilizer link"

  Car tuning shop tells you that there is an original stabilizer link?

  It does not exist! Except that some high-performance vehicles may have auxiliary factory stabilizer links authorized by the manufacturer, there is no so-called original factory stabilizer link on the market. At this point, the thing to do is to find the original stabilizer link, that is, a single stabilizer link that matches a specific model or custom stabilizer link.

  Also, if the stabilizer link has been installed for a long time, it is not recommended to disassemble it, because at this time the driver and the body have already adapted to the control state and driving state with the addition of the stabilizer link. Errors will occur again when disassembling, and the paint of the parts will be added. The surface will also be damaged.

  Master's summary: The above are the functions and advantages and disadvantages of the dfsk K02l stabilizer link. I hope this helps everyone.