Dfsk vans C51/C52 officially went on the market for 46,900 -53,900 yuan

  Dfsk owns a number of commercial models, including C series, K series and D series models.


  Recently, Netcom learned from the official Dfsk that Dfsk has newly added C51/C52 models and launched a total of 4 models with a price range of 46,900 to 53,900 yuan.


  Dfsk C51/C52 are all positioned in the mini-truck type. The former is a single-row truck and the latter is a two-row truck.



  C51/C52 is quite satisfactory in appearance, with dimensions of 4965*1720*1960 mm in length, width and height, and a wheelbase of 3050 mm.


  However, the dimensions of the two cargo compartments are different. The length, width, and height of the C51 cargo compartment are 3000*1650*370 mm; the length, width, and height of the C52 cargo compartment are 2150*1650*370 mm.



  C51/C52 comes standard with electric headlight height adjustment, front fog lamp, ABS, remote control central locking and other configurations. High-end models also provide electric adjustment of exterior mirrors, leather seats, 7-inch suspension central control screen, and multi-function steering wheel. And other configurations.


  In terms of power, both C51/C52 are equipped with a 1.5L engine with a maximum power of 112 horsepower. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual gearbox, and the emission reaches the National Sixth Standard.



  C series and D series are the main micro card platforms under Dfsk, the former is slightly smaller than the latter, and they are oriented to different freight markets.


  At this year's China International Auto Show, dfsk vans brought the new C-series family product C51 (single row). The car has a certain improvement in size. The width of the car exceeds that of the D-series, and the loading capacity is stronger.


  The real shot of the car: Dfsk C51 standard single-row microcard, the market guide price is 45,900 (local policies and sales strategies may affect the price, the specific local dealer shall prevail).



  ● Family design style, low beam with lens


  The new car basically continues the exterior style of the C-series family. The China grid adopts a three-spoke design and connects to the headlights, and the lower grille adopts a through design and connects to the fog lamps. The overall style is relatively stable and elegant, in line with modern aesthetics.


  The headlights are designed in split type, among which the low beam is equipped with a lens, which can play a better condensing effect and improve driving safety, which is relatively rare in cars of the same level.


  In addition, the headlights of this dfsk k01 also support a height adjustment function.



  The center console also adopts a family style, focusing on practical performance, and at the same time, there is a certain improvement in workmanship.


  The    steering wheel design is more traditional, there is no multi-function button, the advantage is that it feels good, but it is also in line with the positioning of the car.


  Real shot The car is equipped with basic comfort functions such as electric windows, air conditioning, and MP3.


  The instrument uses an LCD screen to replace the traditional pointer, which is quite rare in the truck field and looks very avant-garde.


  In addition to C51, Dfsk C31/C32 microcards also use the same design scheme, which can theoretically allow most users to adapt.



  ● Xiaokang DK15 gasoline engine five-speed gearbox


  is equipped with Dfsk DK15 gasoline engine, 1.5 liters displacement, maximum power of 112 horsepower, peak torque of 147.5 Nm, National VI emissions. It is matched with a five-speed manual transmission.


  Dfsk DK15 engine is widely used in current micro-cards and even small trucks. It has good sales and reputation, and its performance and after-sales are relatively guaranteed.


  The chassis adopts the front McPherson and rear leaf spring suspension (six-piece thickening) that are common on micro-cards, which can balance comfort and load capacity, and perform well.



  Real shot The car uses a rear single tire design, and the tire size is 185R14.


  is a larger type of mini-truck in the same class. With reinforced longitudinal beams, the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle can be further improved.


  The actual size of the car’s cargo compartment is 3000x1650x370mm and the wheelbase is 3050mm. Both the length and width dimensions are larger than the existing C31 (single row), and the width dimension exceeds that of the D51 (single row). The loading capacity is good.



  Dfsk C51 retains part of the classic family design, and has some innovations in safety (such as: low beam equipped with lens). The engine from the main production also makes after-sales more convenient. More importantly, the car is refreshed. With the size of the Dfsk C-series family, it is more efficient to pull goods.