What are the symptoms before the car battery strikes? How often do you change it?

   The battery is a neglected device


   The eyes of the car owner always focus on the three major items, and the remaining energy is also used for fuel consumption and brakes, and the battery is often ignored.

  Old drivers often say that the car’s “five oils and three waters” are: gasoline, engine oil, brake oil, booster oil, and transmission oil;

  Sanshui refers to: freezing liquid, glass water, and battery water.

   The last water is battery water, we know that the battery is important. Since the start of the "maintenance-free era" of the battery, there is no need to add battery water, but it does not mean that the battery does not need maintenance.

  According to the British "Telegraph" report, more than two-thirds of the battery problems are involved in road rescue in the UK;

  According to the data of the American Automobile Association (AAA), in 2014, the association received more than 29 million car breakdown rescue calls, of which more than 17 million were related to battery failures, accounting for nearly 60%.


   Normally, the service life of a battery is about 3 years.

   Of course, this is not absolute. The life of the battery has a lot to do with vehicle maintenance and usage habits. Nowadays, most of them are private cars, and the owners cherish their own vehicles. They pay more attention to vehicle maintenance. For vehicles with better conditions, the battery can last for 5-6 years without any problem, and if the owner has some bad habits , It may need to be replaced in 1-2 years.

   So there is no very absolute answer to this, it depends on the car owner’s habits.

   What are the symptoms when the battery is going on strike


   1. When starting the engine, if the motor is not running quickly enough, and there is a sense of lag or lag, one of the reasons is that the battery power is not enough. If you have a multimeter at home, measure the battery voltage, if it is lower than 12V, it means that the battery is about to die.

   2. The starting of the vehicle is more difficult than usual, the starting is boring, it needs more than one ignition, and it feels that the starting power is insufficient.

   3. If you hear a "click" when the vehicle is on fire, it means that the battery is losing power and needs to be replaced in time.

   Battery loss is a problem that car owners often encounter. If the battery suddenly runs out, how to start the car?


  Two ways to start

  1, help start

  Turn on the ignition switch before starting the vehicle. After reaching the speed, put the transmission into gear, then quickly release the clutch pedal and refuel. Once the engine starts, you should quickly depress the clutch pedal while controlling the accelerator to prevent the engine from stalling, and then stop slowly.

  The method and principle of traction start is similar to that of cart start. The difference is that the person who pushes the cart is replaced with a cart, which is more labor-saving. But now that there is a car, the easiest way is to "borrow electricity". Of course, the premise is that there is a jumper cable in the other car.

  The last thing to note is that regardless of whether the cart is started or towed, it is only suitable for manual transmission. What about automatic transmission? Then look down.


  2, lap start

  If conditions permit, of course, it is to charge directly. Large shopping mall parking lots, highway gas stations, etc. provide charging services; if unfortunately in the wilderness, you must "lap start".