Zhonghua Brilliance H330

  The body length, width and height of the Brilliance H330 are respectively 4510/1755/1460mm; the new grille design continues the design of the H530 and V5 models, and the redesigned headlights are also designed in the same style as the H320.
  However, the bumper design of the H330 will be different. It is not as sporty as the Brilliance H320 model. The lower air intake grille adopts a connected design, which integrates the grille in the fog lamp area and the lower air intake grille of the bumper. , More prominent the atmosphere of steady atmosphere.
  The interior design of H330 and H320 is exactly the same, mainly based on the FSV, the central control panel has been greatly modified, continuing the design style of the earlier H530 model, and the panel smoothly transitions to the gear lever area.
  The new gearbox panel is more beautiful.
  In terms of power, the new Brilliance H330 model does not use the two 1.5L engines of Brilliance Zhonghua FSV.