DongFeng Glory 360

The biggest difference between the Dfsk Glory 360 model and other models in the series is that it is based on a brand new front-drive platform and is equipped with the 4A91S 1.5L engine produced by Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi for the first time on this platform. The combination has laid a solid foundation, and the manufacturer claims that it has also made a comprehensive improvement in safety and comfort.
The overall design of dongfeng Glory 360 fully caters to the aesthetic concept of domestic buyers, is stable and fashionable. The front face design draws on the design elements of some successful models, the use of LED daytime running lights, and the chrome-plated metal decoration of the grille make the entire front face fashionable.
The breath is highlighted. There are many decorative parts with cross-border colors on the body, which brings a lot of sportiness to this car. In addition, the appearance of metallic paint in a variety of colors also adds a lot of vitality to this car.