DongFeng Glory IX5

Dfsk Glory ix5 body size 4685mm, 1865mm, 1645mm, wheelbase 2790mm, equipped with SFG15TA engine, maximum displacement of 1.5T, maximum power of 110kw, maximum torque of 220N-m, 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption 7.5L.
The front grille of Dfsk Glory ix5 adopts a fashionable and exquisite starry sky grille, which can add a lot of return rate to you who are in control of the face. Of course, as a coupe-type SUV, the tail curve is naturally a major attraction. The hatchback design of the Glory ix5 makes the overall shape distinct and creates a strong sense of movement with the vigorous dive posture.
The internal space of Dongfeng Fengguang ix5 is also quite practical. The wheelbase of 2790mm can provide ample space for passengers in the car, breaking the traditional perception of small space for coupe SUVs. As far as the front row is concerned, the central control part of the Glory ix5 is slightly inclined to the driver's side。