Dfsk V22 is a micro card in the "Dfsk" minicar produced by Dongfeng Yu'an Vehicle Co., Ltd.
  Dfsk V22 is a two-row micro card developed by Dfsk. The V22 with EU standard safety design concepts and Dongfeng Motor chassis manufacturing technology is equipped with Dfsk’s BG10 new-generation high-efficiency engine, with a liter power greater than 51KW/L and ultra-low fuel consumption. , Super power, super low emission, super durable. The ground clearance of the V22 chassis is 170mm, far exceeding that of the same-level models, effectively preventing friction between the chassis and the ground, and can indeed easily cope with various complex road conditions and pass freely. The vehicle chassis has a longer wheelbase and a wider wheelbase design. The wheelbase is as long as 2820mm, and the wheelbase is as wide as 1410mm, far exceeding that of similar models. The size of the V22 cargo box is 2260X530X1540mm.
  Manufacturer: Dfsk
  level: micro card
  Fuel consumption: 7.1-7.4L
  Displacement: 1.0L / 1.3L