What is the use of a car weather stripping?

   Summer is rainy, and many friends have raised the confusion that windows cannot be driven when driving on rainy days, and the car is not ventilated and air-conditioned and cold. There is a product that can solve this problem, which is called "Sunny and Rain Barrier". Now let's introduce its function and installation method.


   The principle of sunny and rainy block:

   is actually to add a "house eaves" outside the car windows, which can ensure that ventilation can be opened in rainy days and prevent rainwater from entering the car windows. This is the most important function.

   What should be noted here is that the visibility of the weatherproof ventilation effect is directly related to its own shape. The ventilation effect of the recessed design is better than that of the flat design. You can pay attention to this detail when purchasing.

   Sunny rain block advantages and disadvantages:

  Advantages: When driving when it rains, you can open the gap to ventilate without letting rain in.

   Disadvantages: Wind noise will increase when the speed is fast, and the line of sight will be affected for models with low side windows.


   Installation of sunny rain shield::

   It is best to wash the car or wipe the upper edge of the door with water before installation. If it is not cleaned up during installation, the adhesive strip will not fit the door properly. It is likely to leak rain when it rains, which will lose the meaning of installation.

   The use of clear rain shield:

   After installing the rain cover, you can open the window when driving in rainy weather. The size of the open window should not be lower than the bottom edge of the rain cover, and it is best to adjust it between the bottom edge and closed. If the dfsk glass drops below the bottom edge of the rain or shine, the rain will also drift into the car.

Nowadays, the auto parts on the market are becoming more and more abundant, with a variety of accessories appearing. Some accessories are tasteless for car owners, and some accessories are very practical for car owners. Today, the main dongfeng h30 car accessories are cars. I believe this accessory is the most common thing you will encounter on the road.


   is not worth installing in the end:

   Sunny rain block, as the name implies, is used to block rain and sun, but the most important thing is to block rain, which is deeply loved by most car owners. However, there are also a few car owners who feel that it is not very useful and do not have a rain cover. Is it worth installing?

It’s now in summer and it’s in the rainy season. When it’s raining, car owners keep their windows closed when driving, because when the windows are opened, rain will spill in, but driving on a rainy day is enough to make car owners feel bored. As a result, the window cannot be opened for ventilation.

   However, this problem can be solved perfectly if you install this rain cover. You don’t need to open the window too big. You only need to open a small opening to allow air to flow into the car, keep the air fresh in the car, and drive more energy.


  Because of the sun or rain, even if the window is opened, there will not be a lot of rain entering the car, and at the same time, it can eliminate the fog in rainy days. If you are a smoker, you don't have to worry about the slowness of smoke emission in the car in rainy days.

   If the air-conditioning car windows are closed and the air in the car cannot circulate, the driving windows will definitely feel sultry and hot. At this time, the use of the rain cover will come.

   The air conditioner is turned on, and then a small opening is also opened in the car window to allow air to circulate, and it can also prevent the sun from shining into the car.


  Extend monthly:

  Of course, in the eyes of some car owners, installing this on their car will feel very LOW, and they don't think it matches the whole car. Moreover, there is another problem, and that is noise.

  Especially when driving at high speeds, the weather visor will increase the wind noise of the car, and a few car owners feel that it will obstruct the line of sight. After installing this weather visor, it will increase the blind area of the A-pillar.


   In addition, there is a more critical problem, that is, most of the weather shields are made of plastic, and some weather shields are not very good quality, and they are not strong and tight after being pasted, and they often encounter rainy days.

   is very likely to fall off during driving, which will cause injury to the car behind. Whether it is necessary to install the rain cover, in fact, it still depends on personal needs.


  Many car owners must be confused. When it rains, they feel that the car is very boring, but if the window is opened at this time and the rain is spilled in, how to solve this situation? Then install a rain cover.

   I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar when it comes to rain cover, but someone will definitely consider its quality, so today I will reveal the little secret of rain cover.


   First of all, when it comes to choosing a weather shield, the weather shield currently on sale in my country is divided into two materials, one is engineering plastic, the other is acrylic plastic. Under normal circumstances, the price of engineering plastic materials will be a little more expensive, but the flexibility is relatively high, so it is generally recommended to choose engineering plastic weather visors.

   Then there must be people who are curious as to why they should choose a material with relatively high flexibility. That is because if the car is impacted by external forces, it will be easy to break directly due to the fact that it cannot be bent. Then if the weather shield If it is broken, there is no possibility of repair.

   When it comes to this, there will be people who are curious about the thickness of the weather shield. It is better to choose the thicker, so the thicker the better.



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