DongFeng Just For CV03

Today our protagonist is a high-end crossover commercial vehicle-Junfeng CV03 that Dongfeng has just launched. Its appearance has broken people's views on the traditional sourcing of micro-noodles. Junfeng CV03 is the first new-generation crossover commercial vehicle independently developed by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. It is a sedan platform product developed by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. after three years of painstaking effort and positioning for start-up entrepreneurs. The price of this car is 38,900-53,300. Let's take a look at the Junfeng CV03.


Camera static experience both front and rear-Dongfeng Junfeng CV03

The design of Dongfeng Junfeng CV03 is very stylish and modern, and the appearance is obviously different from the previous micro-face. I personally think that in some details, Junfeng CV03 has been completely sedan-like. For the first time, Junfeng CV03 uses the new "Four Feiyan" trademark, which represents Dongfeng Group's high-end brand of microcars.