What are the pros and cons of car stereo modification?

  Many people like to modify car stereo, especially young people. However, although there are so many people who modify car audio, few people know the pros and cons of car audio modification. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of car audio modification and car audio. What are the three major misunderstandings of modification?


  What are the pros and cons of car audio modification

  1. The advantage of car audio modification is that after car audio modification, it can meet your needs for sound quality. The car audio of ordinary low-end and mid-end vehicles will generate current noise. After the modification, your driving experience will be further improved. The sound field positioning of the vehicle will be more accurate. The rear audio of some models is almost inaudible in the rear, and the stereo surround effect of the improved car audio is even better.


  2. The disadvantage of car audio modification is that the hardware is easy to buy inferior products. When we buy, we are prone to encounter some counterfeit and shoddy products, and we cannot tell which is the real and which is the counterfeit. After buying low-quality audio, it may worsen the sound quality of the car and cost a lot of money. If you buy inferior products, you will feel worse.

  What are the three major misunderstandings in car audio modification

  1. The more speakers, the better. To explain acoustically: sound is actually a "sound wave", and the sound waves emitted by each speaker will interfere with each other. Some frequencies will be increased, some will be cancelled. The greater the number of speakers, the more severe the mutual interference of sound waves. The more speakers, the higher the requirements for tuning, so the more speakers the better. Professional tuning technology and equipment are better.

  2. Excessive pursuit of surround sound. Regarding surround sound, stereo sound and high fidelity, high fidelity music has no surround sound, only movies. The biggest purpose of car audio modification is to restore the stage above the dashboard in front of the audience.


  3. Transplant the original big-name speakers. In fact, the original car audio corresponds to the car model. Since the frame of the original horn is dedicated to the car, it is integrally formed with the horn.

  The above content is about the pros and cons of car audio modification and the three major misunderstandings of car audio modification.

  What is the reason that the modified car stereo sounds very blunt bass?

  Nowadays, more and more dfsk car owners tend to modify and upgrade their cars, but after the modification is completed, some car owners will find that the bass part of the sound seems a bit stiff. In short, it sounds very uncomfortable. , How could this happen?

  Next, Dongjun car audio modification will analyze the reasons for the harsh bass of the car audio to all car owners, and how to avoid it.


  In fact, if you want to make the bass sound of the audio comfortable, Dongjun car audio modification recommends to understand the characteristics of the subwoofer first.

  The first is how to set the frequency of the subwoofer. The low-pass frequency of the subwoofer is generally adjusted from 50 to 150 Hz. The lower the frequency, the higher the frequency, but the weaker the directivity, the harder the sound.

  The subwoofer is used to make up for the lack of the ultra-low audio part of the audio system. The point is generally around 60 Hz. Once it is lower than 60 Hz, it will attenuate severely and greatly affect the sound field, so the sound will sound very stiff.

  The second is the volume. There are quite a few car owners who have a big misunderstanding about the volume of the subwoofer. The volume of the subwoofer is not as good as possible, because the sound field will be severely damaged when the sound is loud. When the volume exceeds At the rated value of the power amplifier, the waveform will be severely distorted. Therefore, the volume adjustment of the subwoofer must be appropriate.


  The third one is delay. It is difficult for sound to propagate without delay. In theory, the lower the frequency, the longer the sound wave data, and the slower and slower the propagation speed.

  So, the ultra-low frequency front-nasal sound field of the subwoofer is slower. Therefore, both the left and right channels need a certain delay to allow the sound information to be transmitted to the ears of the student listeners.

  The above three points are the characteristics of the subwoofer. Therefore, if the sound of the subwoofer is to sound comfortable, it must be low frequency, moderate volume, accurate phase, and accurate sound field delay. These four basic elements.

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