DongFeng FengShen H30 CROSS

  The Dongfeng H30 cross is a crossover model developed on the basis of the hatchback H30. The shape of the front and rear bumpers and the grille is modified to highlight the fashionable and dynamic design concept. The taillights and body contours have also been adjusted accordingly. What is commendable is that the main research and development work is independently undertaken and completed by Dongfeng Motor Company.
  Model introduction
  The Fengshen H30Cross, which many consumers have been looking forward to for a long time, has just boarded the National New Car Announcement, obtained a birth permit, and will soon be put into production. The main parameters of the H30 cross have been announced. Compared with the show car that debuted at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show, the appearance has been slightly adjusted.
  The front face of the Dongfeng H30 cross adopts a U-shaped big mouth design, and the overall layout is similar to the H30 sedan version.