LiFan 520

  As the first sedan product of Lifan Sedan, Lifan 520 was announced on January 19, 2006. Early listing car Lifan 520
  Lifan 520 has a displacement of 1.6l, and is divided into elite, comfortable, and luxury according to the configuration, and plans to follow up with hatchback and 1.3l models in the future. The appearance of many domestically produced cars is based on imitating and borrowing from mature foreign models, while the 520 is 100% original by Lifan, but you can vaguely appreciate the design techniques that it draws on many mature models from the side.
  The appearance of Lifan 520 was jointly designed and developed by Lifan Group and Shanghai Tongji Tongjie Company, and the overall style is harmonious and smooth. The 520 head of Lifan is not big, and the length of 4370mm is basically the lower limit of this class of trolley. Compared with the width of 1700mm and the height of 1473mm, the ratio is quite harmonious.