MG 3

  The MG 3 series is the MG ZERO concept car. It is carefully shaped by a global design team led by Anthony Williams, the MG design director of SAIC Motor, to fully demonstrate the brand value of MG's "personality, temperament, and creativity". The predecessor of the new MG3 is the MG ZERO concept car.
  From the beginning of the design, the 18-28 year old "pan-90" consumer group has been targeted, aiming at the "zero bondage", "zero distance" and "zero restriction" functional and psychological needs of the new generation of consumers, starting from "zero" The attitude provides them with space to show themselves, realize themselves, and enjoy themselves.
  Compared with ordinary models, this concept car has a more visually impulsive appearance, a more trendy and fashionable interior design, a higher-tech electronic device, a more flexible and free space layout, and a more individual-specific internal and external performance. People are refreshing.