Nissan Nv200

The NISSAN NV200 is a van based on the Nissan B-class sedan platform. The NV200 mass-produced by Zhengzhou Nissan in China uses the same HR16 1.6L gasoline engine as the Dongfeng Nissan Liwei. The same platform models in China include Liwei, Tiida, Sylphy, Kaichen D50/R50, and Fengshen A60.


The exclusive and noble NV200 models designed by Nissan’s professional refitting company "AUTECH", with its luxurious new front face design, dynamic and fashionable new wheel styles, and stable rear taillights, let the whole car retain its urban appearance. At the same time, he is stable and capable.

The front air intake grille of the new NV200 CVT has been improved. The "V"-shaped air intake grille protection frame is equipped with a ring-shaped metal coating, making the entire front face of the new NV200 a more fashionable Nissan family face. The reversing image also significantly improves the safety factor of the new NV200.