Roewe W5 is SAIC Motor's first SUV model and China's first self-owned brand of mid-to-high-end SUV. The product is positioned as a "cross-field professional SUV". The car has a P-4WD professional full-mode drive system, HFA high-strength off-road body structure (non-load-bearing body), double-wishbone front suspension + five-link rear suspension, imported off-road tires and SCS intelligent active safety control The system determines its strength in professional cross-country.
  Roewe W5 combines the comfort of a car with the off-road performance of a professional SUV. It is undoubtedly the most professional model in the urban SUV group. Cross-field professional design can make Roewe W5 perform well in off-road driving at critical moments.
  The chassis is solid; the handling is better; the off-road capability is stronger than that of the SUV of the same level; the safety is higher.
  The price is high; the fuel consumption is high.