What is an air suspension? Why is it possible to equip high-end cars?

  Many people think that a car is a transportation tool, but the price of this transportation tool will continue to rise with the increase in product performance. Most people think that as long as the basic functions of a car are complete, it is good, but in fact, high-end cars can really give people a better experience. Today’s topic, what is air suspension? Why is it possible to equip only high-end cars?

  Air suspension is a device for adjusting the height of the car. It is an upgraded version of the ordinary suspension. The air suspension can adjust the height of the car according to the specific situation, or the height of the car can be manually adjusted by the owner to increase the driving of the car. Time operability and comfort, let people have a better comfortable experience.


  Different brands of cars use different suspensions, but air suspensions generally appear in high-end cars or high-end SUVs, such as Ben) high-end cars, Rolls-Royce and other cars will be equipped with air suspension devices. The reason why this device is installed in high-end cars is because the cost of this device is relatively high, which will increase the price of the car to a certain extent.

  For people who can afford luxury cars, as long as the quality is high, money is not a problem at all.


  However, when ordinary people buy a car, they still consider the price of the car. Installing this device on an ordinary car will improve the comfort of the car, but because of the price problem, the sales of the car will still be affected to a certain extent. To put it bluntly, the air suspension device is developed for high-end cars, and it will naturally be equipped on high-end cars. Car designers must have studied what to match with what parts.

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of air suspension?

  The advantages and disadvantages of  air suspension are as follows:

  1. The advantage is light weight. The biggest advantage of air suspension is light weight. The advantage of air suspension is that it can automatically adjust the softness and hardness of the spring. When high speed, the suspension will automatically harden, thereby providing better vehicles. Stable support makes the vehicle more stable. When driving at low speed for a long time, the suspension will automatically soften, thus bringing better comfort to the occupants;


  2. Disadvantages, high prices, stricter requirements for cargo tonnage. The air suspension system has strict requirements on cargo tonnage. Be careful not to overload the load. The airbag will be damaged greatly after overload, which will reduce the service life of the air suspension;

  3. The air suspension can be raised and lowered, and the driving is stable. The soft and hard air springs can be adjusted automatically according to the needs. The high-speed driving and the air spring are hardened, which improves the stability of the vehicle. When encountering bad road conditions, the air spring is softened and improved Comfort.