Wuling Dfsk, how should these two cars be selected?

  For users in the entrepreneurial period, an affordable model will be a good helper for entrepreneurship. This kind of car does not need to pursue beautiful design, no need to pay attention to any tall configuration, let alone require any luxury and texture; it only needs a large space for installation, excellent power and durable quality. Looking around the models on the market, Wuling and Dfsk C37 are among the best, so wuling Dfsk,how to choose these two cars?


  一, Wuling (price 45,800-58.8 thousand)

  1,Wuling exterior 


  Wuling's exterior design is quite low-key, quite low-key and restrained, it can be said that although the sparrow is small and has five internal organs. The front face can't talk about too much design sense. The grille design is more traditional, using a long and narrow design style, the mesh texture in the middle of the grille is relatively fine, and the whole body uses a matte black color. The headlights connected to the grille are designed with sleek arcs and corners. The standard light sources of the headlights are all halogen. The side body has a double waistline design. The upper waistline extends from the headlights to the taillights, and the waistline passes through the door handle; the lower waistline presents an indentation process, showing an upward design. The wheels of this model are all standard 14 inches, and the wheels are also in a more traditional design style, with a streamlined spoke design.

  2,Wuling interior


  The interior of Wuling looks quite simple. The center console is made of hard plastic material, plus silver ornaments, without too much embellishment and decoration. Everything looks very simple. The steering wheel uses a three-piece design, which looks like With a certain degree of sportiness, it is also made of plastic material, and the instrument panel uses a double-circle-view design, which looks very simple and unified with the style of the entire interior. The central control screen adopts an embedded design, giving people a very concise feeling, which meets the aesthetic standards of most consumers. It is equipped with Bluetooth, car phone, reversing image, rear parking radar, manual air conditioning, etc. The configuration performance is decent, basically satisfactory. The trunk space performed well. After the rear seats were down as a whole, there was no pressure to put some large items.


  二, Dfsk C37 (price of 54,900-58.9 thousand)

  1,Dfsk exterior 


  Dfsk C37 has a square, bread-shaped body and a straight parallel waistline. The Dfsk C37, which has almost no design in appearance, seems to only want to buy goods on the go, and is unwilling to pay attention to the visual perceptual level. In this regard, its rival Wuling will be much better. If it is said that Wuling can see a touch of household taste on the basis of commercial vehicles in appearance, Dfsk C37 takes the pure commercial and truck route. But the author believes that for a micro-face with a top matching of less than 60,000 yuan, the good-looking appearance is tasteless. After all, its main mission is to carry people and goods or pay back costs.

  2,Dfsk interior


  Like the exterior, the interior of the Dfsk C37 has almost no design. It is not an exaggeration to describe this interior as simple and outdated. The color LCD screen is only available for the high-end comfort version. Smart configurations such as mobile phone interconnection and GPS navigation are not expected. Only basic functions such as reversing images and audio-visual media playback can be displayed. The large area of plastic material is also completely expected, but the overall workmanship is not bad.

  Summary: How to choose Wuling Dfsk?

  Wuling and Dfsk C37 can be said to be good partners for ordinary entrepreneurs. Among them, Wuling Space is the biggest advantage, and Dfsk C37 is more inclined to manned and carry things or pay back. The specific choice depends on individual needs.