dongfeng rich 6 ev price 40,000 euros, test battery life of 403 kilometers

       We learned a few days ago that dongfeng rich 6 ev model has announced a pre-sale price of 40,000 euros. The car is equipped with a ternary lithium-ion battery pack from the Ningde era and has a driving range of 403km.



  ● Appearance


   Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi 6 pickup EV is a pure electric vehicle. The blue elements added to the exterior prove its special identity. The overall shape of the front center grille of the new car is wider, and the chrome-plated decoration around it adds a lot to the visual effect of the wide body. In addition, the headlights are sharp in shape, which echoes the tough guy style of the body.

   On the side of the body, the overall shape of the Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi 6 pickup EV is consistent with that of the fuel version. The two large and prominent wheel eyebrows are wild. In addition, the door handles are decorated with chrome plating to give more texture. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi 6 pickup EV are 5290mm/1850mm/1790mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3150mm. Compared with the Ruiqi pickup EV, it is taller and more powerful. In the rear of the car, the design of the Ruiqi 6 pickup EV is quite satisfactory and conforms to the design style of a hardcore pickup truck.


   Compared with the dongfeng rich 6 ev, the interior of the Ruiqi 6 pickup EV is more luxurious. The large area is wrapped in soft materials, and it feels very good to the touch. In addition, the addition of large-size central control screen and chrome-plated decoration gives the interior a touch of fashion and dynamic. In terms of configuration, the Ruiqi 6 pickup EV is equipped with a large-size central control display, a full LCD instrument panel (3 display modes), reversing image, parking radar, side pedals and other practical configurations. At the same time, leather seats and multi-function steering wheels are also provided to effectively enhance the convenience and comfort of daily driving.

  ● Power and battery life


   Ruiqi 6 pickup EV is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 120kW (163Ps) and a maximum torque of 420Nm. In terms of cruising range, the ternary lithium-ion battery pack it carries comes from the Ningde era, with a total power of 67.9kWh and a cruising range of 403km under the working condition method.


   Not long ago, Vietnam Nissan VitNam added a special Nissan Navara BlackEdition model with more personality to the local deployment of Nissan Navara. In fact, many popular pickup trucks around the world, Nissan Navara, have recently added the Nissan Ruiqi 6EV electric pickup brother with pure electric power.


  In fact, Nissan Navara, a pickup truck produced and deployed by Nissan, has a brother model Nissan Ruiqi 6 that is replaced by Nissan's own brand logo and uses exclusive internal and external designs. In order to meet the local requirements and consumption habits of pure electric power models, Nissan also decided to bring a new member of Nissan Ruiqi 6EV with pure electric power based on the excellent platform of Nissan Ruiqi 6.


      The Nissan Ruiqi 6EV, which was officially released on July 17, 2020, continues the appearance of the Nissan Ruiqi 6 with an exclusive design that is different from the Nissan Navara. In order to highlight the identity of the Nissan Ruiqi 6EV with pure electric power, the original design is The team cleverly replaced the enclosed water tank shield with blue elements. In addition, the bumpers, wheels, etc. are also decorated with blue elements that symbolize environmental protection. Of course, the nameplate of Ruiqi 6EV is also an important mark to verify the body. .


  ● Interior

Entering the car, the cockpit of the Nissan Ruiqi 6EV continues the existing pattern of the Nissan Ruiqi 6. In response to its pure electric power status, it has been replaced with several meters, a 9-inch screen multimedia information system on the center console, knob-type gearshifts, electronic hand brakes, etc. It has a technological configuration and also supports remote control of multiple vehicle energy supply operations with a smart phone application.

  ● Official news

According to the product information released by Nissan, Nissan Ruiqi 6EV is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum horsepower output of 163 horsepower. It takes about 12 seconds to reach the official maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour. With the help of a battery module with a capacity of 67.9kWh Nissan Ruiqi 6EV can reach about 403 kilometers of endurance under NEDC test specifications. At present, Nissan has also developed a deployment plan of 299,800 for Nissan Ruiqi 6EV.