DFSK C37 Diesel

  The Dfsk C37 Diesel is a van under the Dongfeng brand. It adopts a square shape, a 3050mm wheelbase and a rare seat layout of up to 9 seats.
  Appearance: Dfsk C37 Diesel's shape is sharp and angular. When I first see it, I always feel a bit like the new generation Transit. The square shape adds a stronger business atmosphere to it.
  Basic parameters: The overall dimensions of the Dfsk C37 are 4500*1680*1960mm, and the wheelbase is 3050mm. Compared with other competing models, the Dfsk C37 should be considered a big piece of microbus products.
  The vertical headlight assembly is very individual, and the square shape is consistent with the style of the vehicle. The large air intake grille is designed with two sturdy horizontal banners, giving people a domineering and tough feeling.
  Interior: The center console is wrapped in hard plastic. According to the editing experience, the seams between the components are even without burrs. The center console uses the upper darker and lower lighter color matching.