DongFeng Glory 330

DFSk Glory 330 is the passenger car sub-brand of the Dongfeng Motor brand and was launched on 3 June 2014.
In terms of appearance, DFSk Glory 330 adopts a three-piece design with an upper air intake grille. The front of "popularity" has a high degree of recognition. The front design is round and full, and the shape is coordinated and natural, and the diamond-cut headlight is displayed to show the whole car. elegant.
The concise and smooth waist line design on the side cleverly increases the layering of the side. For young families pursuing the quality of life, the temptation is huge.
The seven-seater design can realize various seat combinations, and is equipped with soft leather seats to enhance the taste of the car from the visual and tactile aspects. It not only takes into account the young needs of users, but also strives to create a satisfactory driving experience for users.