DongFeng Glory 580

Dfsk Glory 580 is an SUV of Dongfeng, with a body size of 2780mm wheelbase and 4690mm body, using the combination of 1.5T + 6MT.
In terms of interior design, the interior design of Dfsk Glory 580 has been fully upgraded. The 15.6-inch super-large screen of the center console is very eye-catching, and the overall center console is very simple. The control of almost all vehicles is concentrated on the large central control screen, and the gear shift has also become a handle-type electronic gear. The steering wheel uses a flat-bottomed multi-function handle and a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel.
The internal configuration of DongFeng Glory 580 is equipped with the new LinOS 4.0 intelligent connection system, which supports functions such as voice interaction, car network, and remote control of the vehicle.