dfsk K01L has a length and width of 2700mm x 1440mm and a DK12 engine with a maximum power of 67kW; a sleeve chain drive with high timing chain transmission efficiency and long service life; PDA controlled combustion technology to improve engine performance and a fuel consumption of only 6L per 100km, which is more fuel-efficient and economical.
The horizontal air intake grille wraps the Dongfeng logo, and is equipped with two sharp halogen headlights. The height of the headlights can be adjusted. All systems can be equipped with front fog lights. The whole front face gives people a small and fresh feeling, even if it is a micro card, it still won't feel like it is out of grade.
Although the dfsk K01L is a single-row microtruck, there are still two shallow waistlines on the carriage, which make the side of the body look rather monotonous, and also enhances a certain degree of recognition.